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Who Is Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil is an Indian You tuber which lives in Mumbai. Nikhil Sharma is the real name of Mumbiker Nikhil.

He started his youtube channel in the year 2014. He has recently reached 2.6 million subscribers on Youtube and he is on his way to reach 3 million soon.

We wish him all the best for that. Nikhil is basically a Vlogger. He makes video of travelling (mostly) and puts them on his youtube channel.
Other than that he also shares cute and nice and funny moments from his life. Of course he is rich in content.
He also sometimes post reviews of few products that he founds truly amazing or really disgusting.

Mumbiker Nikhil travels a lot. He is alone most of the time and sometimes with his special friend group and shares his experiences of his journey.

Most of the time he is making a video with Shanice or vice versa. Sometimes Nikhil also collaborates with other you tubers but that is not always.

Mumbiker Nikhil Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil Sharma loves travelling. He has travelled far distances within the country from his bike. He also travels abroad by flights and other general means.

He choose to made videos of his life and experiences to share it with other people.

He is popular on youtube and he has done some special and hard work to get the attention of people on the Youtube community.

Rohit Shetty Mumbiker Nikhil Kriti Sanon

Nikhil Sharma completed his studies from Mumbai and started his career as a flight attendant. He worked for Qatar airways. He continued there for a few years.

Then he had to face a tragedy. His father was expired. Due to family and business obligations, he has to join his family business.

He took some time in the start to understand things. He was able to take out time for himself only after he was able to manage things successfully in the business.

In his spare time he started to make videos of local places like Marine Drive and Chor Bazaar. He had few views on his videos but he was not very popular at that time.

He became popular also because of following his passion.

Nikhil went on a drive from Mumbai to Banglore up down in a very short span of time. He nearly covered a huge distance of 2000 km in just 28 hours.

This is also a very courageous task. After that, he became popular his journey on youtube was successful.

Mumbiker Nikhil aka Nikhil Sharma is now very popular because of his travelling videos on the Youtube.

His videos have an average of 5 hundred thousand to 8 hundred thousand views. This is the number when he daily uploads a video.

Wherever Nikhil goes, he is surrounded by his fans, specially, when he is travelling in Mumbai.

Nikhil has a group of friends who are really close to his heart. Nikhil has himself disclosed in his videos that his friends are those people who have helped him in a time of distress and problems.

Nikhil is a young boy who is an inspiration to many young you tubers.

Friends of Nikhil Sharma Nikhil Sharma has many Friends. He claims that these people were there for Nikhil in his bad times.

Mumbiker Nikhil Sharma has a very clear and close bonding with these people. Ashish Zeshan, Wasim and Shanice are some of his most close friends. Among youtubers Technical Guruji is a very nice friend of Nikhil.
Nikhil has also made videos with Geekyranjit who has a very good reputation.

Mumbiker Nikhil Income - How much does Mumbiker Nikhil earns or what is the earning of Mumbiker Nikhil?

This question does not have a simple answer.

First of all his major source of earning is from youtube ads. Because he made videos for India, he might not be getting paid very high from youtube.

Still given the number of video he uploads monthly and views on those videos in a month, he can easily be earning more than 10 lakhs rupees per year from youtube.

Other than that, product owners can also pay him to make videos about their products so that it can be advertised. He can make millions from there too given his reach.

However, it can not be said for sure. As the advertisers would pay on the number of video views on that product. This can vary from time to time.

Sometimes, he also critizes a product. Who knows that he is getting paid for that too! I mean, I don't know.

It must be noted that when he travels abroad and stays at hotels, he is most of the time sponsored so do not guess his income based on that.

As he is a travel vlogger, he can very well get paid to make videos for tourism purposes also.

Mumbiker Nikhil Bike - Thi s is very intersting and many people want to know that their favourite Mumbaiker Nikhil rides which bike. Well its Tiger. This is a really expensive bike which has more features than an average bike. Recently Nikhil also bought a light weight scooty to easily wander through traffic. It is also much easier to handle.

Mumbiker Nikhil Car - He has bought an Audi of light golden color.

Mumbiker Nikhil Sister - We don't know the name of his sister but she works for Red Chillies Entertainment as a graphics designer or something.

Mumbiker Nikhil Girlfriend - Mumbiker Nikhil is not in a realtionship with a girl. At least he has not disclosed it. We think it will be really difficult for him to hide it. Many people ask this question - Is Mumbiker Nikhil and Shanice dating with each other? The answer is NO. Nikhil and Shanice are good friends and they make videos together but they are not dating.

How To Become Rich And Travel Like Mumbiker Nikhil - When you see mumbiker nikhil travelling abroad all around the world you also want to have the same life style.

When you see that Nikhil sharma is getting to stay in five star hotels, buying all those branded things, eating in restaurants, you also want to do that.

When he travels through flight don't you think that you should also be able to skip bus or train and wander through flights.

Well! if it happens then it is only human to feel like this.

Nowadays we want to have a luxurious life style. Of course, the definition of a nice life style is very different according to spiritual realm of life but then how many of us are with a spiritual inclination, right.

So, the question of the hour is how to become rich and have a luxurious life style like mumbiker nikhil enjoys?

First of all it is a very difficult question to answer.

To suggest a young person for career is no small thing. It is a very big deal.

I mean their whole life depends on it. If you take a wrong career decision then it may affect your future in a very bad manner. No body knows which decison or direction is going to be a good one for you.

Besides, what kind of skill you have, what are your area of interests and how much can you invest yourself in a particular way or direction, are the questions which are needed to consider your potential and capabilites for career.

Above all, what is your financial condition is one of the major factors to choose the right career option. Career options needs investment of money and some requires heavy investment.

You don't want to sink your parents hard earned money.Keeping all these things in mind I am going to be very careful in answering the question - How to become rich and travel like mumbiker nikhil

The first and obvious option that comes to your mind is to start a youtube channel just like mumbiker nikhil and become successful in that.

Some of you may think that it is advisable to become just a travel vloger like him and some may think to come up with a unique idea of some other content oriented youtube channel.

Well this is the first and foremost thing to consider if you are thinking of any such thing - Not all social media ventures are always successful.

This is a very big problem with us that we do not see failures and only see the examples of success.

There are many youtube channels which have very good and unique content but they are not as successful as some channels.

These channels have very good information, they work very hard and they also have very good presentation but still they are not as successful as some youtube channels.

The main reason behind is that there are a lot of factors which decide the success of a channel or a page.

Also no one will tell you their real secret of success. They will talk on surface what can be said like a general information.

Isn't it obvious, if every body will know the secret to success they may loose their significance. You know someone may come along and beat them in their own game.

No body wants that. So, you cannot rely on that information.

Some of you may think that giving time, consistency and hard work are real secrets than think about Geekyranjit and compare him to Technical Guruji channel.

Ranjit has worked very hard in his career but he is not as successful as compare to Gaurav because his channel is way more successful in very least amount of time so think again.

Other than this, youtube is now also becoming more crowded. More and more people are coming to youtube with their unique kind of content.
So, there is way more competition on youtube compared to earlier. Youtube has also made it very difficult to monetize your videos because of this competition.

Yes, it is also equally true that youtube needs fresh and unique content to bring people to youtube every then and now.

But, when a place becomes crowded, it is like any other crowded place.

For example, now there are 1 billion websites on the internet in the worldwide population of 7 billion people. So opening a blog is not as great idea as once it was.

Yes it is also very true that having so many people is also a very big oppurtunity and daily new content is also required so there is also a big possibility.

I am not saying any of this to disappoint you people but to save you from a big disappointment in the future.

This is like a precaution before I tell you some ideas to become rich and popular.
A very important precaution. Because if you will not get as successful as expected after a few years then you will surely know what I am saying.

This is another aspect. You may reach people but only a lower number of people like 10 thousand or 100 thousand.
It happens to so many people. Once this happens, you will feel stuck. If you don't like my saying than you just question this from yourself - Is youtube or mumbiker nikhil or any one is going to take responsibilities for your future, success or the time, energy and probably money that you have invested in the youtube channel that you are going to create.

You know very well that the answer to this question is no. Even if you fail tomorrow neither youtube nor mumbiker nikhil is going to give a damn.

They are going to make the video and run their channel.

I am not saying that they should care or that it is their responsibility to look after every one but what I am trying to say is that when they do not worry should you not worry about yourself and your future.

When you have decided to follow them than this is at least what you should do in your favor. Just know what you are getting yourself in to.

When mumbiker nikhil started his youtube channel, Youtube was not so much popular.

Today youtube is used by billions of people around the world. Naturally, there are millions of creators too.

This is a dillema, when something is new, it has less crowd but nobody wants to do it. When it becomes popular everybody wants to do it but now it is very crowded.

Same is the case with youtube. Youtube is not what it was few years ago. Now there is more competition and things are also more complicated this time.

Now let us look at your options as what you can do here.

There are many ways nowadays to earn money. From jobs to business, there are numerous opputunities to become rich.

From Neil Patel and sandeep Maheshwari to Sundar Pichai the way to success is all open.
You just have to learn the job, hone your skills and work hard to get there. It may take some time but it is worth it.

Yes, you have heard me right, job is also not a bad option if you have the skills and willingness to do the hard work. There are so many job options out there which can help you to fulfill your dreams.

Remember. Mumbiker Nikhil was also first a flight attendent. There are so many exciting job profiles which offers you the oppurtunity to travel and explore.

These jobs are also high paying jobs. For example, if you join merchant navy, it has a very good payment, oppurtunity to travel throughout the world, and six months vacation in a year.

Similarly, the job of a pilot is also heavily paid. You have to work hard but the rewards are also great. A luxurious life style, getting to travel around the world, a good reputation and so much more.

If you have good selling skills, then you know sky is the limit. Big companies from around the world are going to love you, hire you and pay you not just good but a great amount of money.

There are so many opportunities if you are skilled. Some will say that job does not have the similar growth oppurtunity as the business, which is not absolutely wrong but still job also has some possibility.

If you are in the right organization or with the right people, then in job also you may get a good opportunity to rise. Why I am equating jobs and business is because of the core reason of hard work.

Business is very hard work which many people do not even realize. If you are in a job and ready to work like that in your job then it is most likely that sooner or later you will meet the right employer.

In a job you will have certain benefits that you do not have when starting a business.

For example, you don't have to take care of everything which makes it easy to focus on your work.

10 Great Job Opportunities To Become Successfull And Travel

Pilot - It is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. This job is stressful but has its own benefits. Salary is very high, you get to travel a lot on the expense of the company and life is also very cool for a pilot. Yes , you have to be excellent in your academics, but that is the price to pay.

Navigating Officers - Just like the job of pilot which is to drive the plane is the job of driving the ship. We call them Navigating Officers. It requires very high skill set to become a navigating officer in the ship. The payment is very high and you will get 6 months off in a year.

You can roam anywhere in this vacation time. You can also easily visit the place when the ship boards a post.

Architect - The job of architect is a tough one and it is also very highly paid. If you have done your course properly and developed your architectural skills then you can earn 100,000 rupees for just one design.

How much designs can you prepare in a month depends on your skills and efficieny. With such good amount of earing you can take a leave in a while and go for traveling.

Nowadays when the wrk of architect is transffered to computer you can also do it while travelling.

Fashion Designer - Fashion is everywhere and it is in much demand. Big brand of dresses will pay great for a good design.

If you are a fashion designer and hired by a big brand then you will earn in more than 6 digit. It will also give you a chance to travel as fashion shows are held around the globe.

Software Developer - Software is in demand and it is going to be like that. Today, when most of the work has been shifted to computers and computers requires software to work on them.

Daily new complicated softwares are developed to do heavy works.

If you are a software developer than it is a very good opportunity to earn money.

Marketing and Advertisement - Make a career in the feild of advertisement if you have the proper understanding of marketing and then you are going to reach very high.

Today when everything is about selling things and making money advertising and marketing is a very important part of business.

If you have good skills and you are hired by a good company than only sky is the limit.

Sales Manager - The main goal of advertising and marketing is sales. Whether it is sales of a product or a service, sales is the ultimate goal of any business today.

A good sales manager is not only wanted but is also paid very high. You have to understand the basics of the work and hone your skills than you can become rich in this profession.

Once you are rich, travelling is not a very tough goal.

SEO - With almost one billion website out there, SEO is a very important feild of work. Every website wants to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

If you are good at SEO, then you can earn a huge amount of money.

CEO - This is the most popular post around the world. it is also the highest paying post in any company.

Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. You have to take care of everything in the company and the rewards are great. You can ear a lot by becoming a CEO but life is going to be stressfull.

The opportunity to go on vacations can be minimum because the responsibilty of whole company is going to be on your shoulders but you are going to be very rich.

Data Scientist - Because of use of computers in work it is said that the one who controls the data will control the world.

The post of data scientist is going to be in huge demand. The payment is great but handling the data is not an easy task either.

Best 5 Online Ways to Become Successfull

Digital Marketing - This is one of the most happening online working feilds which can make you rich.

Digital marketing can be done on your laptop with the help of an internet connection. However, it is not an easy work.

Digital marketing requires a lot of knowledge about various things like online ads, website traffic, keywords volume, etc. The possibility of earning money in this feild is immense given you are very good at what you do. Because the work can be done on laptop, you can also travel easily while working.

SMO - SMO or Social Media Optimization is the feild of circulation of content like articles, images and videos through various social media sites.

You can earn a lot in this kind of work. Just like digital marketing, it can also be done on laptop.

Freelance Work - You can also find a job online. There are many job opportunities online because most of the work can be done on computers over the internet.

You can make an account on Freeelancer.com or Worknhire and get a job there. Once you are hired start building your reputation to get more work and earn more money.

Youtube Channel - Last but not the least, this is the opportunity which drives you to this page.

You can start a youtube channel which is for free. Then you can start creating videos with a camera and some video editing software.

This step requires an investment. Now create amazing, unique and entertaining content, put it on the youtube and see if it is getting popular among people. This work requires dedication and hard work as creating videos is no easy job. There are many aspects to this work which we may discuss later.

Website - You can also start a new website of your own to earn money online. This will take some time, around two to three years before you can start earning money.

You will also have to take care of hundreds of different things like SEO and other factors but if you will succeed than you can earn good amount of money.

Starting Your Own Business

Well, this is also a great option but it is also very complicated and it is not everyone's cup of tea.

You have to see what business opportunities you have around you and out them which one can you start doing. then there are tons of other factors attached to it which you need to understand for becoming a successful business man.

Address - Link Road, Bombay IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai

Nikhil Sharma Friend Gaurav Chaudhary Friend

Mumbiker Nikhil Biodata


Name Nikhil Sharma
Birth Date 4 November 1992
Birth Place Mumbai
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio
Home Town Mumbai, Maharashtra
Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 75 Kg
Eye Color - Black
Hair Color - Black
College Rizvi Institute of Management
Subjects Hotel Management
Website www.mumbikernikhil.in
Ventures LabelMN T-Shirts

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