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Upcoming Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies are great for entertainment. Many movies made in Hollywood will cheer you up, teach life lessons, bring out emotions in you and entertain you. Some of these Hollywood movies are Epic and they always reside in the heart of the people. Movies like Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious, X-men and Avengers from Hollywood are watched and loved by the world wide audiences. Every year they make some great movies. Let us take a look at the upcoming movies of Hollywood of 2020.

My Spy

My Spy is the story of a spy who is powerful but he is having a hard time with his job.

Because of a mistake Spy job is in jeopardy. He has assigned a mission with the civilians. A cute small girl identifies him and ask him to train her for the spy job.

Watch this interesting upcoming hollywood movie in the month of January.

My Spy movie is a movie for family audience and it also belongs to the Genre of fun and entertainment
Releasing Date - 3rd January 2020

My Spy
Director - Peter Segal
Actors - Dave Bautista, Ken Jeong, Kristen Schaal, Parisa Fitz,


The Grudge

The Grudge is a horror movie. It is hitting the theaters on 3rd January.

There was a murder in the house and no one lives in the house. A broker goes inside the house and comes out screaming.

The upcoming hollywood movie has the thrill and suspense. Find out what happened in the house and who or what is the ghost after.

Genre – Horror, Adventure, Thrill
Releasing Date – 3rd January 2020

The Grudge
Director - Nicolas Pesce
Actors - Lyn Shyea, Andrea, John Cho, Betty Gilpin


Like A Boss

Like A Boss is the Upcoming Hollywood Movie which is a story of two friends who run a start up.

The two friends get things going in their business but it is not all good. They are in debt of millions. Then a big business woman offers them a big loan.

But the billionaire is starting to take over and friends do not like this. Watch these two friends fight to take their business back.

Genre – Friends, Comedy, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 10th January 2020

Like A Boss
Director - Miguel Arteta
Actors - Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Billy Porter, Salma Hayek


Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys are Back. This year in the list of Upcoming Hollywood Movies Will Smith and Martin Lawrence brings back the magic of Bad Boys.

This duo is packed with action packed performance with something new. You are going to love them in this movie.

Will Smith Starer Bad Boys For Life will hit the theaters worldwide on 17th January 2020.

Genre – Action, Adventure, Fun, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 17th January 2020

Bad Boys For Life
Director - Billal Fallah, Adil El Arbi
Actors - Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Venessa Hudgens, Alexendar Ludwig



Dolittle has an amazing family of animals and birds. He can also talk with birds and animals.

Dolittle has set out on an adventurous journey with his animal friends to find something special. Join Robert Downey Junior as Dolittle in the movie in a theater near you.

The upcoming movie is going to release in a theater near you in the month of January 2020.

Genre – Fantasy, Animals, Adventure, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 17th January 2020

Director - Stephan Gaghan
Actors - Robert Downey Jr, Antonio Banderas, Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, Emma Thompson


The Turning

There are two children whose parents died in mysterious circumstances. They live in a village which is near the jungle with their guardian.

Soon a nanny is brought to take care of these two children who live in a mansion. Nanny is very young and hot. But she is stunned when children told her to stay away from the a certain part of the mansion.

Find out why children warns the nanny about some places in this upcoming movie The turning in a theater near you.

Genre – Thriller, Suspense, Adventure, Entertainment, Truth
Releasing Date – 24th January 2020

The Turning
Director - Floria, Sigismondi
Actors - Mackenzie Davis, Denna Thomsen, Finn Wolfhard, Brooklyn Prince


Gretel and Hansel

Two children ran in the Jungle near the village. They are found by someone in the jungle.

The elder founds something strange with this lady who lives in the middle of the jungle all by herself.

The upcoming movie is going to release in a theater near you on 31st January 2020.

Genre – Thriller, Suspense, Adventure, Entertainment, Truth
Releasing Date – 31st January 2020

Gretel and Hansel
Director - Oz Perkins
Actors - Alice Krig, Sophia Lillis, Jessica Douw, Charles Babalola


The Gentleman |||| Releasing Date – 3 January |||| Director – Guy Ritchie
Actors – Matthew MacKona, Michelle Dockery |||| Genre – Action

My Spy |||| Releasing Date – 3 January

The Grudge |||| Releasing Date - 3 January

Underwater |||| Releasing Date – 10 January |||| Director – William Eubank
Actors – Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel |||| Genre – Suspense

Like A Boss |||| Releasing Date – 10 January

Promising Young Woman |||| Releasing Date – 17 January |||| Director – Emerald Fennell
Actors – Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham |||| Genre – Revenge

Dolittle |||| Releasing Date – 17 January

Bad Boys For Life |||| Releasing Date – 17 January

The Turning |||| Releasing Date – 24 January

Gratel and Hansel |||| Releasing Date – 31 January

Birds of Prey

The girl-friend of Joker has break up with him and now she is alone chasing her dream on her own. To be something!

Turns out she is not alone. She meets people with the same goal. But the number one is now out after them trying to kill them.

Watch Margot and her new friends fighting with the gangsters to remove them and become the gangsters themselves in this upcoming movie.

Genre – Action, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 7th February 2020

Birds of Prey
Director - Cathy Yan
Actors - Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Parez, Ewan McGregor


The King's Man

Reputation is what people think of you, character is what you are.

Upcoming Hollywood movie The King’s Man is a secret group of people who are working very hard to protect the world from evil people and their bad plans.

They are protecting the world from getting Destroyed.

Genre – Heores, World, History, Future,
Releasing Date – 14th February 2020

The King's Man
Director - Matthew Vaughn
Actors - Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Feinnes, Stanley Tucci


Sonic The Hedgehog

Popular comic and cartoon character is on the big screen for the first time. The producers of Fast and the Furious bring you Sonic with Jim Carrey and James Marsden.

The super-fast Sonic has run away from his planet because people were after the secret of his power. He comes on our planet Earth and have some peace time but again some people are behind his powers.

Watch Sonic saving his secret with his friend in this adventure upcoming movie Sonic The Hedgehog.

Genre – Family, Fun, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 14th February 2020

Sonic The Hedgehog
Director - Jeff Fowler
Actors - Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Adam Pally


The Fantasy Island

A fantasy world is created by the rich people for the rich people and the first group of visitors have arrived. They are experiencing a world different from reality and this all is very exciting.

But, something suspicious is also going on this fantasy island. Those in control have some bad plans for the people on the island.

What is going on in the fantasy island? What happens to all those people there and will they get out of the island alive? Find out this February in a theatre near you.

Genre – Family, Fun, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 14th February 2020

The Fantasy Island
Director - Jeff Wadlow
Actors - Maggie Q, Lucy Hale, Portia, Michael Penna


The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is story of a couple who are not going well with each other. The husband can't take it when the wife tries to run away from him.

Husband founds a way to become invisible and fakes his own death, writes everything in the name of her wife. Then he starts to haunt her wife.

The wife is going crazy. But soon she figures out that his husband is actually not dead. Watch what happens when she finds out this february in a theater near you.

Genre – Suspense, Thriller
Releasing Date – 28th February 2020

The Invisible Man
Director - Leigh Whannell
Actors - Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson, Storm Reid, Aldis Hodge


Birds and Prey |||| Releasing Date – 7 February

The Kings Man |||| Releasing Date – 14 February

Sonic The Hedgehog |||| Releasing Date – 14 February

Fantasy Island |||| Releasing Date – 14 February

The Invisible Man |||| Releasing Date – 28 February


Ian and Barley found a note of their father who died when they were too young.

The note with a magic stick said that they can bring their father back with some magic and spells for one day. Something went wrong and they were only able to recreate half of their dad's body.

Now they have 24 hours to bring back the full body of their father. Brothers want to meet their father for even one day. There is something they can do to bring full body of dad. Will they be successful? Can they bring their father back? Find out this March in a theater near you.

Genre – Animation, Magic, Family, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 6th March 2020

Director - Dan Scanlon
Voices - Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Julia Louis


The Way Back

The way back is story of a former basket ball player who is living a lame life in his forties.

Suddenly, he got an oppurtunity to coach a basket ball team. The team is no good and the player needs to hone their skills. Our hero is on the mission to get them where they belong.

Will he be successful with his team? Will the team become good basket ball players? Find the answers in the upcoming hollywood movie in a theater near you.

Genre – Life, Sports, Lesson, Growing
Releasing Date – 6th March 2020

The Way Back
Director - Gavin O'Connor
Voices - Ben Affleck, Janina Gavankar, Rachael Carpani, Michaela Watkins


Onward |||| Releasing Date – 6 march

The Way Back |||| Releasing Date – 6 march

Godzilla vs Kong |||| Releasing Date – 13 march |||| Director – Adam Wingard
Actors – Alexandar Skarsgard, Millie Bobby |||| Genre – Action

Blood Shot |||| Releasing Date – 20 March |||| Director – Dave Wilson
Actors – Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez |||| Genre – Action, Science Fiction

Mulan |||| Releasing Date – 27 March |||| Director – Niki Caro
Actors – Jet Li, Gong Li |||| Genre – Action, Emotion

G.I.Joe : Ever vigilant |||| Releasing Date – 27 march |||| Director – D.J. Caruso
Actors – Bruce Willis, Dwayne Jhonson |||| Genre – Action

Peter Rabbit 2

The lovely and friendly daughter of farm house owner is getting married to a stranger. Peter does not like him from the start.

Later also they do not get along as husband has some complaints with Peter. Turns out that he sees Peter as trouble. Everybody takes his side and Peter leaves.

Out there Peter meets an old friend of his father who tells Peter that he is just like his father. Will the family miss Peter and will they do something to bring him back. Watch the movie to find out.

Genre – Family, Emotion, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 3 April 2020

Peter Rabbit 2
Director - Peter Segal
Actors - Dave Bautista, Ken Jeong, Kristen Schaal, Parisa Fitz,


Peter Rabbit 2 |||| Releasing Date – 3 April

The New Mutants |||| Releasing Date – 3 April |||| Director – Josh Boone
Actors – Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga |||| Genre – Action, Science Fiction, Mutants

No Time To Die |||| Releasing Date – 10 April |||| Director – Cary Joji Fukunaga
Actors – Daniel Craig, Rami Malek |||| Genre – Spy, Action, Adventure

Antlers |||| Releasing Date – 17 April |||| Director – Scott Cooper
Actors – Scott Haze, Keri Russell |||| Genre – Thriller, Suspense

Black Widow

Black Widow Natasha Romanoff is out there to fight crime. This time she is alone. But not for long.

Soon she meets her sister along the way. She also joins Natasha in her fight against crime.

The fight of Natasha turns into war and war becomes more intresting when more family members join her in her battle. Watch Natasha powering up in the upcoming movie in a theater near you.

Genre – Superhero, Action, Entertainment
Releasing Date – 1st May 2020

Black Widow
Director - Cate Shortland
Actors - Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbor, Robert Downey Jr, Rachel Weisz


Black Widow |||| Releasing Date – 1 May

Greyhound |||| Releasing Date – 8 May |||| Director – Aaron Schneider
Actors – Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Sue |||| Genre - War, World War II

Scoob |||| Releasing Date – 15 May |||| Director – Tony Cervone
Actors – Animation |||| Genre – Adventure

Fast and Furious 9 |||| Releasing Date – 22 May |||| Director – Justin Lin
Actors – Vin Deisel, Michelle Rodriguiez |||| Genre – Action, Racing

Top Gun : Maverick

Top Gun Maverick movie is back with Tom Cruise as leading star.

Pete Mitchell has been invited again to teach students how to fly. Hopefully he will be able to teach them some lessons.

Watch Tom Cruise once again as Top Gun where life gives him a call after so many years.

Genre – Action, Role Model, Air Force
Releasing Date – 26 June 2020

Top Gun : Maverick
Director - Joseph Kosinski
Actors - Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Glem Powell


Red Notice |||| Releasing Date – 12 June |||| Director – Rawson Thruber
Actors – Dwayne Jhonson, Gal Gadot |||| Genre - Action, Suspense

Candyman |||| Releasing Date – 12 June |||| Director – Nia DaCosta
Actors – Tony Todd, Teyonah Parris |||| Genre – Horror

Top Gun Maverick |||| Releasing Date – 26 June

In The Heights |||| Releasing Date – 26 June |||| Director – Jon M. Chu
Actors – Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stephanie Beatriz |||| Genre – Dance

The Free Guy

The free guy asks you the question whether you want to be a good guy or to be a free guy. Don't take Ryan wrong.

In his world there is crime and people are silent because they are too good to react. Sounds familiar?

He gets a glass which shows him things that others can't see and then he joins the heroes to fight crime. Will he be successful? Find out in a theater near you.

Genre – Superhero, Fantasy, Fiction
Releasing Date – 1 July 2020

The Free Guy
Director - Shawn Levy
Actors - Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Komer, Joe Keery, Channing Tatum


The Free Guy |||| Releasing Date – 1 July

Minions : The rise of Gru |||| Releasing Date – 3 July |||| Director – Kayle Balda
Actors – Animation |||| Genre – Kids, Fun, Entertainment

Ghostbusters : Afterlife |||| Releasing Date – 10 July |||| Director – Jason Reitman
Actors – Bill Murray, Finn Wolfhard |||| Genre – Fun, Entertainment

Tenet |||| Releasing Date – 17 July |||| Director – Christopher Nolan
Actors – Robert Pattinson, Jhon David |||| Genre – Sci-fi

Morbius |||| Releasing Date – 31 July |||| Director – Daniel Espinosa
Actors – Jared Leto, Adria Arjona |||| Genre – Mythological Character

Escape Room 2 |||| Releasing Date – 14 August

The One and Only Ivan |||| Releasing Date – 14 August

Bill and Ted Face the Music |||| Releasing Date – 21 August

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard |||| Releasing Date – 28 August

Conjuring 3 |||| Releasing Date – 11 September

Without Remorse |||| Releasing Date – 18 September

The Many Saints of Newark |||| Releasing Date – 25 September

Venom 2 |||| Releasing Date – 2 October

BIOS 2 |||| Releasing Date – 2 October

Death on the Nile |||| Releasing Date – 8 October

Snake Eyes |||| Releasing Date – 16 October

Halloween Kills |||| Releasing Date – 16 October

Eternals |||| Releasing Date – 6 November

Jolt |||| Releasing Date – 12 November

Dune |||| Releasing Date – 18 November

Happiest Season |||| Releasing Date – 20 November

King Richard |||| Releasing Date – 25 November

Uncharted |||| Releasing Date – 18 December

Coming To America |||| Releasing Date – 18 December

News of The World |||| Releasing Date – 25 December

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