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Importance of Social Media in Our Daily Life

Social media plays a very important role in our daily life. With the advent of technology, we are getting access to internet more easily nowadays. Now we do not need an internet wired connection to stay connected. We can have access to internet wirelessly. Social media started with facebook which can then be only used on a browser of a computer. Still, millions of people worldwide have been connected to this site. After facebook, many similar sites were developed by several other people around the globe. These sites also became pretty popular and were successful to connect people with them.

social media
social-media sites

In today’s scenario social media has become an important platform. It connects us with people around us and also with people who are living far away from us. Now people are not anymore depended on the news channels and news correspondents to know what has happened around the world. Now a person can just communicate from a person of that country to know about the incident. The world has come closer with this innovation of computer and internet. Now a person from America can become friends with a person from India or Japan without going there. This is a revolutionary change in our world.


Facebook – When it comes to Social Media, Facebook needs no introduction. It all started with Facebook where Mark Zuckerburg started a website to connect college people with each other. It has gone a long way since then. Facebook is now used worldwide and it is used by millions of people. The theory is simple, just make an account on facebook with your email id and join other people to share pictures and messages with them.


Twitter – Twitter is a micro blogging website which allows the user to express themselves in 140 letters. Twitter is very popular nowadays. If something is trending then it is on twitter. Recently we have seen that twitter was very popular among celebrities all over the world. Probably they like the idea that one does not have to say much here. Twitter also makes it possible for people to share pictures on their account.


Instagram – This popular social media site is used by more than 400 million active users. It has a lot of traffic on a monthly basis. Instagram started its journey as a photo and video sharing site. People used to capture lovely moments from their life and share it on the site with their friends and people. Instagram is now a part of facebook. That is right. The social media giant has bought the facebook recently.


Google Plus – Google plus is another social networking site from Google website. Earlier google had a different social media website named orkut which was very popular in India. However, it slowly fade away. Now that we do not have orkut anymore, they bring us with the idea of google plus. You can sign in to Google plus with your gmail email id and use the account. You can join and follow other people here, share stuff and even webpages.

Google Plus

Linked In – Linked In is a popular social media and networking site with a different purpose. Linked In provides an opportunity of skilled people who are professionals to make an account and get visible. On linked In, it is easy to find professionals with skills. Here you can meet people with great ambitions. Linked In has provided a platform on which finding jobs and hiring professionals, both can be accomplished.

Linked In

Pinterest – Pinterest is another social media website which connects people on their website. This site is basically a photo sharing website. It allows users to share images with other people on their groups. This site also facilitates a user with saving images for viewing later. People can use this site for their projects where they can easily find saved pictures without filling their hard disks. You can easily use these pictures later.


Tumblr – Tumblr is another popular blogging site where you can connect with people of your interest. Tumblr allows people to choose their topics of interest and connect with people with similar interests. Here you can share a post with a message in it and it will be visible to people who follows you. You can also post images, videos, links and gifs to express yourself. Tumblr is known greatly for people sharing gifs and images with text.


Flickr – Flickr is an online community to share pictures. This site has over 100 million users. People share their pictures on Flickr. You can really find a useful group here. Alternatively you can join the group of your interest. Join your friends on this popular website and share your pictures with them Flickr is also an informative site as people often share infographics here. It is very easy and simple to use.


WhatsApp – WhatsApp is a bit different social media website. WhatsApp is very popular nowadays around the world. It works on smartphone of advanced levels. WhatsApp needs a working sim card or a mobile number to operate. It Letsyou send text messages to other people who are available on WhatsApp. This app is more popular because of the free calls it provides to the users. You can also make a video call to a person in your contact list with the help of WhatsApp.

Whats App

MySpace – MySpace is a social networking site with lots of features. The main purpose of this website is to allow the users to share music of their choice with their friends. MySpace has a facility to upload music and videos. You can share these things with your friends on MySpace. It also allows you to share pictures, post messages and be a part of other peoples post. You are really going to enjoy your time here.

My Space
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