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How to Install VLC on Windows PC in Simple Steps

install vlc

VLC media player is one of the most popular media players on internet. VLC media player is used to play video files by millions of computer users worldwide. VLC is a free media player tool which can play video files of many formats. MP4,3GP, AVI, FLV, Blu-Ray are major video file formats supported by VLC media player. VLC also supports high quality and HD videos up to 1080p. VLC provides its users with many facilities and numerous options like aspect ratio, audio interlacing and subtitles on and off option. Watching videos and specially movies on a VLC media player is a very enriching experience. VLC media player also provides high quality sound. VLC media player lets you double the sound then the built-in system hardware and speaker allows. Watching movies and listening to music on VLC media player using ear phones gives a personal cinematic experience at your home.

Steps to Install VLC Media Player on Your Computer
In order to install the VLC media player on your Windows computer, you have to download and install the exe file of VLC. Just visit the site of VLC Media Player and download the vlc installation file. It is available on the site for free of cost. You can also download VLC Media player from OUR SITE and plenty of other sites like download cnet. Scroll down the page to find the download link. However, it is advisable to download the player from its own site, so that you can always download the latest version of VLC. None the less, VLC also checks for updates to the installed version on your system from time to time. After downloading the file, follow the below given instructions to install VLC on your computer

Download the VLC Media Player from the links given at the end of this page.

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Follow These Steps to Install VLC Media Player
Go to the downloads folder to locate the VLC installation file
vlc install
Click on the file from the downloads window

Select your preferable language from the given options

vlc install

The VLC Media Player Setup Wizard will now open

vlc install

Click on Next button in the window

Read the License term and conditions on the next window

vlc install

Again Press the Next button after reading the terms

From the drop down menu choose the express installation option
If you want to choose the components than click on the Custom option
Deselect the components that you do not wish to install from the list
Click on Next button

vlc install

Choose the installation location for the VLC media player
By default the player will install in the Program files location of your computer
Now click on Install

vlc install

Wait for the player to install
vlc install

Click on the Finish button to exit the installation wizard
vlc install
Now you can use the VLC media player on your computer to play video files

Download Links

VLC Media Player for Windows 64 bit
VLC Media Player for Mac OS
VLC Media Player for Linux
VLC Media Player for Android

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