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Global Warming Definition Facts Causes and Effects

global warming

Earth is slowly getting warmer every year due to the activities of humans and human interference with nature. This phenomenon is known as Global warming. It is a serious issue which is going to affect lives of billions of people worldwide. But we the people of this planet are not aware about this serious issue. Lately, many glaciers are melting down because of the this phenomena. Serious climate change is also felt in many countries around the globe because of Global heating. There are many other problems arising due to the Global warming. Scientists from every corner of the world are warning world community and its leaders about the possible serious effect and catastrophic consequences of this warming effect. However the world community has not been able to take serious actions in order to prevent it. To stop Global warming, we have to change the ways of living and adopt to natural ways of living which many world leaders disagrees to do so. The real problem lies in our modern and artificial life style which is very costly for the nature.

Watch This Video from National Geographic on Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

There are many reasons behind the Global warming issue. There is no one single problem or action which can be held responsible for this warming. Overall it is our modern life style which is causing this serious problem. Below are mentioned major causes of this serious problem. Some of these reasons are not in the hands of a common man but many other reasons are.

Cutting Trees and Forest – This is one of the major reasons behind Global Warming. For past 2 or 3 centuries, men are cutting forest and trees recklessly around the world. Since the industrial revolution, rise of machines and change in nature of economy, we have agreed to destroy nature for fulfilling our selfish desires. We are in a useless quest to shape nature as we like it. We have forgotten the true natural beauty. Besides, we are also cutting forest to expand our habitation. We are growing in population and hence we need more land to live. For this purpose, we are cutting trees and forest. But, this has a very severe and adverse effect on the nature. We must stop it and find new, better, smart and natural ways to live with nature.

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Global Warming Calculator

Use the calculator below from carbon footprint website to know more about global warming issue.

Industrialization – Industrialization is another reason responsible for this problem of Global heat issue. Many of you people will think that industrialization is providing us jobs and running our economy. But we fail to see that it is not providing us jobs, but it has taken jobs from us. That is our real work is now available to only few people with power and money. As for economy, people were living happily and prosperously across the globe before industrialization also. But we drastically fail to see this because all the traces from the past have been removed. Industrialization cause Global Warming in so many ways like pollution from chimneys, waste formed after production and many more aspects. But the most significant aspect is the resources utilized in production. Since the invention of machines has increased our production capacity to a large extent, we are literally producing goods in millions per month. Just think about the amount of material needed for such large production. This hampers the nature around us. It is irresponsible production. Sooner or later, we are going to run out of such resources at this pace.

global warming

Pollution from Industrialization – This is one of the major causes for Global Warming. All kinds of factories produce waste and harmful gases. These gases are released in the environment through the chimneys at the top of these factories. These polluted gases mix in the atmosphere and it becomes polluted. Such gases are toxic in nature. As a result of this, people who inhale in such a polluted environment become sick. The environment also has an adverse effect on the trees, animals and other living beings in that area. These harmful and toxic gases have also cause immense damage to the atmosphere above us by causing whole in Ozone layer in several places above earth.

Waste from Industrialization – Not only the gases harm the nature. Another vicious aspect of industries and factories is the waste produced from it. Often the waste is Toxic in nature. They dump this waste either in a nearby river or the seas. Such an act pollutes the water bodies and harm the nature in the long run. Not only our drinking water resource is polluted, the habitants like fish and other living species also dies from this pollution. As we know, that every animal in the nature creates a certain balance. Loosing them can have serious and adverse effects on the nature. Another dangerous dumping method adopted by industrialists to dump factory waste is to bury it in the ground. By burying the waste in the ground has ghastly effect on the soil. It can make soil infertile. Such soil can also become sick. If crops are grown in such grounds then they are definitely going to sick the ones who consumes it.

global warming

Vehicles – Vehicles also causes Global warming in so many ways. Today there are millions of vehicles running on the road. Daily thousands of new vehicle drivers add around the world. Such amount of vehicle production requires metal extraction from underground. This is an unnatural process when done on such a large scale. It has a harmful impact on earth and nature. The making process of tyres using rubber also affects nature negatively. Other problems like pollution from vehicles and fulfilling other requirements for vehicles also causes problems with nature and leads to Global heating and Warming.

Building Roads – Manufacturing of vehicles leads to build roads all over any country. You cannot drive in a modern vehicle if there is not a super infrastructure called roads. In rich countries like America they make cars which can only run on a perfect road. These vehicles cannot even run in a dirt road. Roads are built by cutting trees so that there is proper space for vehicles to move. Another aspect of building road in the material which is used to make roads. The coaltar or cement used to make roads covers a section of land, broadness depending upon numerous factors. All this process is destroying some part of nature. Earlier, when horse cart and bullock carts were used, they were able to run on a normal ground. We need to shift to such ways and make a combination of ancient and modern technologies which would benefit nature.

Pollution from Vehicles – Pollution from vehicles is another major source for Global warming. Today, there is no city on the face of earth where daily cars do not run. Some countries may be an exception, but it is true for most of the countries. The harmful gases which comes out of a car of bike enters the environment and damages it or pollutes it. The carbon dioxide gas from the vehicles mixes in the atmosphere and increases the temperature. This is a serious cause for Global heat rising. Given the number of cars driven around the world, we can say that vehicle constitutes a major part in hampering the nature around us and cause this problem.

Garbage – One of the perks of the modern life style is that we create a lot of garbage. How we use things, how we keep them and how they are discarded decides how much waste a person is creating. Today, we buy everything from super market. Most of the things come in a plastic packaging. This packaging is attractive but it is also a very harmful substance. Whether you buy a chocolate, biscuits, groceries and even vegetables come in a plastic packaging. When we open any product then the plastic that comes out is neither of any use to the consumer nor it is good any more for the product seller. This plastic is constituting to most pollution problem which leads to global warming. Besides plastic we also waste food a lot. Such food is not in a very hygienic condition and it is not edible either. We also throw vegetables peel, fruits peel, fruits and vegetables cutting. Other than that, paper, metals, expiry medicines and many other things which are no longer any use to us is thrown in the garbage.

Waste Products – Paper, plastic bags, spare parts, plastic furniture, metal furniture, wear out clothes, medicine wrappers and many more products or their packaging creates a lot of pollution which can add to Global warming. Most of the useless things can be recycled if taken care properly. But we have to supply them to a recycle center. We simply throw out these products and they become waste and garbage.

global warming

Electronic Waste – Electronic waste has become one of the major concerns for our environment. A huge pile of such waste is being created on a daily basis, because of the gadgets we use and throwthem when they are useless. Electronic waste does not get decomposed as it is not a natural thing. Besides, Electronic waste can and does add to the problem of Global warming. Companies need to make long lasting products. But people also need to use them carefully so the life expectancy of the gadget or accessory is prolonged. Companies need to recollect the false equipment so they can reuse it. Government should also discourage the throwing away of gadgets in to waste and provide facilities for their recycling.

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Human Waste – Human waste is not such a big problem in compare to the problems mentioned above. It can be resolved if it is treated properly. However, it is not taken care properly in many parts of the world. Developed countries may be able to manage human waste but poor countries like African countries have no such arrangement. They are simply dumping the waste in rivers or oceans. This is catastrophic. Human waste can be turned in to fuel, compost or in to harmless substance, if it is treated properly and it also takes time.

Artificial Cities – This is a serious mistake of mankind which is leading the city to disaster. We are building more and more artificial cities. We have buildings made out of cement and iron covered with glass. This makes it look shiny, but there is no place for nature in these cities. Trees are not present or in a very low number. There is no place for other animals and insects in the cities. We often under estimate their presence, but they are crucial for life on earth. In a city you would not find a corner that has natural soil on it. All of the surface is either covered in coaltar or cement. This is not a good sign. We are slowly moving away from the nature and forming an artificial world. The more we get away from nature, the more we are likely to destroy it.

global warming

Effects – Effects of Global heating can be divided in two parts. One is visible today and another is which is not visible to us. The latter is more ghastly. The first and foremost effect of Global heat rising is the increase of temperature around the globe as the name suggests. The temperature of earth and its atmosphere has increased. The second effect which is a consequence of the first effect is the melting of glaciers. There are large bodies of water scattered around the earth which are in a frozen state. They have started to melt down. This is expected to rise levels of sea which can drown the whole soil on the face of earth. Another scary fact is increment of carbon dioxide in the nature. There is a balance in the nature which provides healthy air. If this ratio is imbalanced then we are going to be really sick.

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Awareness – Lots of work has been done by scientist to spread the awareness about Global Warming issue. People around the world know about the problem of global heat and warming. However, despite these successful efforts, no serious change in the attitude of people or industrialists has been seen. Industrialists do not want to close down their factories and stop making profits. A common man on the street is not mending his ways. Probably they need more motivation towards the issue. People try to switch off lights when they are not in the room or turn the fan off, but they often forget to do so. Sometimes we remember the issue and sometimes we don’t. It can be our busy and stressed life style which does not allows us to pay proper attention to the matter. Maybe we do not want to do what is necessary and keep doing what we want. Either way, it is catastrophic. This is not going to solve the problem.

Scientists View on Global Warming – Scientists carry out researches and do a lot of studies and experimentation. Because of their studies and experiments, scientist can clearly see many things a normal person can’t. This clearly means that we should listen to what they have to say carefully. Scientists have predicted that if proper measures have not been taken to solve the global heating issue, then the after effects can destroy the modern civilization. Sea levels are going to rise. Whole earth will be covered in at least 100 feet of water. Those who want to go in to a ship or submarine are going to suffer a horrible life, as there will be nothing left to carry on. Preserved food won’t last much long. The air may become much polluted given the present circumstances that it is difficult to breathe. According to the scientists, there is going to be a slow start of this devastation. And it is going to speed up rapidly soon after it starts.

Problems in Preventing Global Warming – There are some problems which stand in the way of solving this global issue. Most significant problem is the profit. People are making profits by destroying earth. These people are marketing specialist, business men and factory owners. They are producing products recklessly. They do not listen to the advice of scientist. Second problem is the approach from governments. Governments around the world feel unable to come together and make policies which will benefit earth and its people. Third problem is as we mentioned above, people of this world. For an instance, it is said by scientists that modern electric vehicle are environment friendly. But people don’t choose them as petrol driven vehicles are more powerful.

What Wikipedia Says About Global Warming

How to Stop Global Warming

There are numerous things that can be done by people around the world to prevent global warming problem. You do not need to wait for government to implement such policies. However, these methods have to be adopted by people around the world in full force. This should be no problem as we all have democracy around the world. People can take numerous steps to prevent this serious problem. For example, they can recycle all kinds of products they use instead of throwing them away in the garbage. You can find a nearby recycle center for electronic goods and give away your useless products. Stop buying products which clearly harm the nature. Give a call around the world by using social media and stop suing such products. You can also stop driving vehicles and start using public transport. It will be of great help if you can switch to electric vehicles.

Global warming is a serious issue and it needs to be solved. We ought to do it after all it is our doing to the earth. Earth is our home and not some fancy building with an AC that you live in. Earth provides us food, air, water and all living material. If there is no earth, there will be no life. We are forgetting the real thing and enjoying the illusion of home in an artificial building. We must wake up from our dream and realize the truth while there is time. If necessary steps are not taken, the result will be catastrophic.

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