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Gas Stove vs Induction Stove | Which One is Better

Gas stove is now the traditional way of cooking for many decades. Earlier, the methods were cooking did not includes an LPG gas. People used to cook using woods or coal. As these methods cause a lot of smoke, the kitchens were preferable on the outside or the backyard of the house. It was very tough and takes hours to cook also.

When the LPG was introduced, it was quickly adopted by the people all over the world for the comfort of it. Today we are witnessing another change in cooking methods in the form of induction cook tops. However, this idea is not as successful as the idea of the LPG gas stove.

There are many reasons behind this. One of the major reasons is that induction has few limitations. It can only be used with a special king of dish. It is dependent on electricity to provide heat. Also, people are now attached with the idea of a gas stove and do not feel comfortable with moving to the induction. Below is a comparison between induction stove vs Gas stove.

We have collected facts about both the cooking methods from various sources and come up with the following data. There is no saying that which one is a better method however, you can decide for your self after reading the below guide.

Gas Stove Gas Stove

Gas Stove

Nature Gas Stove uses LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas as the fuel. It has a burner out of which flames comes out.

Benefits It is a traditional method of cooking. Gas stove gives out flames and burns the LPG to produce heat. It provides a natural and comfortable way of cooking. People also use gas stove to boil water in order to purify water. The flame can be controlled manually. Heat is distributed to cook the food. It can be used inside homes and kitchens. It is not dependent on electricity. You can cook food using any type of cookware. Gas stoves are cheaper than induction.

Disadvantages It heats the surrounding and wastages energy. Only 38% of energy is properly consumed. There is risk of fire accident. LPG leakage can be deadly. The flames can cause burns to utensils, cloth pieces and (God Forbid) the person in the kitchen. A gas stove requires regular maintenance and check-up. Parts are costly when replaced. The burner is hot for long time after closing the flame. It cooks food slowly compare to induction. Cleaning a gas stove is difficult. It takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.

Induction Cook Top

Nature Induction cook top uses electricity as the fuel. It produces electromagnetic waves from the surface to heat the utensil.

Benefits It is an advanced method of cooking. It produces electromagnetic waves to cook food. It is a more smart way of cooking as the heat produced is mostly consumed by the dishes. There is very less wastage of energy. It can be used in the presence of a table fan or ceiling fan. It can also be used in an air conditioner room. It provides a modern way of cooking. Levels of heat can be regulated with the buttons and controls. It can be used anywhere as per the requirement does not needs instalment. 84% of energy produced is utilised. It does not heat the surroundings. The surface is cooled down immediately after the power is off. It has a variety of temperature control options. It cooks food three times faster. Inductions are easier to clean. Induction is small and takes comparatively less space.

Disadvantages It can work only with specially designed dishes. It is totally dependent on the electricity. Induction cannot cook many traditional foods like Chapati or roti. Not suitable for all types of cooking. Chefs are complaining about the faster cook time which prevents from developing taste in the food. It heats the center of the cookware more than other parts. Induction is costly compared to gas stove.

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